Twycross Bypasser

A warm, sunny afternoon. There can’t be many of those left this year. I left work as soon as decently possible or arguably a bit sooner, to do a Twycross Bypasser. Annoyingly windy for the first 45 minutes or so, then rather nice.

Strava tells me I did this exact route about three weeks ago, but I was 22 seconds quicker this time. Consistency! That time I was on the first Boardman which is a slower bike, but it probably wasn’t as windy. But it could also depend on mood. I don’t much care about the time it takes.

30.11 miles, 301 done this month. I should have stayed out for another 10 really. I was back long before sunset and had nothing much else to do this evening. I even had lights on me.

I’m sure this must be a personal best year for number of rides with exposed legs.