Four Seasons in One Day

Quite a gusty wind blowing from the south and a threat of showers in the forecast. Not too warm. I thought of doing the southbound route, with no particular expectation of a distance.

I picked up a few spots of rain near Newbold Verdon. Then as I pedalled down Kirkby Lane, it started to rain properly. Another few seconds later and it was torrential, with hailstones mixed in – I was riding straight into the headwind, so they were clattering on my face. Without a doubt the worst conditions I have ever ridden in, so aggressive that I was nearly forced to get off the bike, but a minute later it was normal rain again.

I decided to cut across to Sutton Cheney at this point, and come back up through Market Bosworth. But by the time I got to Cheney I was rolling along a dry road, on a warm, sunny summer’s day. It was as if I’d dreamed it, except that the bike and my clothes were still a bit damp. But they dried off quickly.  So I went west along Fenn Lanes instead, and did a partial Reverse Twycrosser with a detour through Barton in the Beans.

Quite a nice run out in the end, certainly more so with a tailwind and warm dry weather in the second half.

Listened mostly to Reacher. Quite enjoying it now. Plot unfolding nicely.

39.40, 582 this month.