Derby Airfield and Wilson

This afternoon’s mission, should I choose to accept it – was to do at least 33 miles, to tip the January total into treble figures. And with a strong wind coming from the west I decided to go up over Swarkestone Bridge and west along the Beloved A Road. The “Upper Westbound Route”, as I call it.

I did that as far as Derby Airfield, then turned back. Dark by this time. I’d done about 18 miles. The headwind had been a real irritation, but it was a joy in tailwind mode. Very mild out there, as well. I do enjoy gliding along the A road in the dark.

Decided I wanted to do something a bit different on the way back down so I detoured through Wilson. Only ever done that two or three times and I didn’t know the way back but I was less than 9 miles from home after Melbourne so I wasn’t going to get seriously lost. I rolled through Breedon, then Worthington and Newbold. Hadn’t been through those latter two locations for years. Used to do them quite often five or six years ago, on my old hybrid.

Bit spooky out there in the dark between Breedon and Worthington, mostly because I didn’t really know where I was, I suppose. But I rejoined the usual route shortly after Newbold.

I used my Canmore GPS tracker, something I bought on a retail therapy whim years ago. Glad to see the internal battery’s held up nicely. It has a rubbishy little LCD screen that’s hard to read properly on the handlebars but apart from that, it works well. I also tested a new watch that I bought for night cycling. Nothing fancy, a cheap Timex, but it proved to be nicely legible in the dark thanks to its bright white dial and high contrast hands, even without using the ‘Indiglo’ electro-luminescent dial function.

It was a clear night with a very bright Moon. Definitely added to the experience. Very enjoyable run out, only slightly marred (once again) by a few idiots in oncoming cars with full beam on.

One odd thing – I put my rear light onto flashing mode, but I looked down to check it a few miles from home and it wasn’t flashing. It was stuck in “on” mode fortunately, but it didn’t respond to the power switch. Couldn’t turn it off. I had to take the batteries out for ten minutes after I got home to get it working properly again. Its little processor must have crashed!

Back on 37.87 miles.