Willington and Wilson

Probably the last rain free-day of the month so I left work a bit early to do 34 miles or a bit more, to get the April distance tally past 600 miles.

The forecast told me that a moderate wind was coming from the west. It also told me that the temperature would be 13C, so I went with the bare legs option. Possibly a little too cool for that in practice, at least early on.

I did the Upper Westbound Route as far as Willington, except that I went up along Top Brand and Isley Walton, and came back down through Wilson (to avoid Rotter’s Rise).

Really a rather nice run out, especially later on when the temperature climbed a couple of notches and the sun came out.

Very pleased with the new handlebar tape on the S Works. Seems very comfy, if a bit drab-looking.

I regretted stopping to take this pic on Swarkestone Bridge, because I had a long wait for the necessary gap in the oncoming river of traffic to get going again.

Back on 36.72 miles. 603 this month.