Narrow Lane

A dry, sunny day today. With rain in the forecast for most of the next couple of weeks, clearly a decent run out after work was in order. Forty miles or so, I thought.

Quite an annoying moderate / strong wind coming from the east. I thought I’d do 20 miles or so of the Eastbound Route then come back. That’s pretty much what I did, except that I detoured via Top Brand through Diseworth on the way out (I sometimes do that on the way back, but rarely going east). I got as far as Narrow Lane after 23 miles, then detoured through Wymeswold and Rempstone on the way back. A sort of figure-of-eight route.

A bit cooler than I’d have liked but I got away with bare legs. I took the Boardman to assess the performance of its new bar tape. Apart from looking cheap, it’s not quite as comfy as the old tape. I may wrap some more tape directly over it, for a dual-ply super padded arrangement.

Back on 43.21 miles, that’s 110 for the month already. I’m aiming to do 435 this month.